PLAN: Use Data to Plan a Multipronged Approach

Because the school discipline challenges you face are so complex, they require all the tools at your disposal. A systemic, multipronged approach—with key strategies integrated throughout your plan—has the highest likelihood of success. Our course will help you explore the five key strategiespolicies, classroom management and engagement, evidence-based programs and practices, school and community support services, and family engagement—that will be essential to your comprehensive Positive School Discipline program.

Another key component to your plan is the use of data in decision-making. Collecting school and district data through a needs assessment will help you and your partners identify the scope of existing problems, determine your actions, and monitor your progress. In addition, you will learn what is already working and what resources are available to you.

As you plan, you will collaborate with partners to determine their role in strategy implementation. Together you will establish key indicators so you can measure future progress, and you will decide on your implementation schedule.

Once you have your plan, you are ready to act by implementing and monitoring it.


The Delaware School Climate Survey (DSCS)
Positive School Discipline Plan Template Worksheet
Action Plan Template
Outcome Evaluation Plan Template
California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) and California School Climate Survey (CSCS)
What is Being Done to Address this Issue? Resource Mapping Tool
  • Jimmy Carter Middle school in Albuquerque

    “[T]he results have been powerful. Bookings for delinquent acts occurring on PIPY pilot school grounds decreased by 53%.

    Albuquerque Public Schools, New Mexico
  • Grossmont Union students talking and laughing

    The immediacy and the feedback [to students on their negative behaviors] is really the part that is making a big difference.

    Jenée Littrell, Safe Students/Healthy Schools project director
    Grossmont Union High School District, California
  • Albuquerque school building

    Enhancing school and community support helps to stem the flow of students from schools to juvenile detention.

    Albuquerque Public Schools, New Mexico
  • Pueblo SRO talking with children

    Randy Evetts, SS/HS project director
    Pueblo City Schools, Colorado