Positive School Discipline Process

Complex problems are seldom solved with quick fixes. Our approach provides a holistic step-by-step process to help schools address the causes of student misbehavior. Our Framework for Comprehensive Positive School Discipline is designed to help schools effectively implement this systemic approach. 

This proven process—Partner, Plan, Act—employs strategies that are integrated into all grade levels and at all levels of need (universal, selected, and indicated). Our online, interactive course teaches you how to use this process and allows you to practice your new skills.

What results can you expect? The ultimate goal is successful, healthy, and thriving students who contribute to their schools, families, and communities.

  • Jimmy Carter Middle school in Albuquerque

    “[T]he results have been powerful. Bookings for delinquent acts occurring on PIPY pilot school grounds decreased by 53%.

    Albuquerque Public Schools, New Mexico
  • Partnership Poster from Santa Fe

    Working in partnership with community agencies and health advocates had a significant positive impact on school discipline in Santa Fe.

    Santa Fe Public Schools, New Mexico
  • Pueblo SRO talking with children

    Randy Evetts, SS/HS project director
    Pueblo City Schools, Colorado