Classroom Management and Engagement

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Students spend most of their day in the classroom. If this environment is chaotic or negative, it has a dramatic effect on learning. Yet, teachers can feel overwhelmed by the discipline challenges they encounter, and many feel like they don’t have adequate resources, support, or training to address these challenges effectively. What’s more, behavior problems in the classroom often result in office referrals—meaning, time away from instruction.

Using research-based positive classroom management and engagement practices is a key strategy for any Positive School Discipline plan. These practices foster prosocial behavior in students, encouraging them to respect the teacher and each other. Strategies that engage students help prevent boredom, keep students connected to school, and improve problem behavior. Learn more about effective classroom management and engagement strategies in action in our Real Stories.

Our interactive online course will help you experience two contrasting classrooms through the eyes of a student—one that establishes behavioral norms that emphasizes collaboration and cooperation among members of the class, and one that relies on strict, often punitive rules and operates from the teacher’s position of power and authority.  


  • Photo of smiling Wabash students

    I now understand a new dynamic to my classroom management skills.

    Michael Aubrey, Special Education Teacher
    Wabash Community Unit School District #348, Illinois