School and Community Support Services

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School and community support services are a critical component of creating a Positive School Discipline culture. These services support students and families by addressing the underlying issues, such as academic, behavioral, and mental health problems, that contribute to discipline challenges and are barriers to student success.

These services can provide screening for behavioral health issues, identify risk factors for young children, and provide early intervention services before students enter school. The earlier in life these services are provided, the better the results for students and the greater the cost savings.

Examples of school services include school adjustment and guidance counselors, school psychologists, social workers supporting family needs, special education supports, and behavior specialists. Community support services can include social services, mental and behavioral health providers, faith-based organizations, juvenile justice services, youth organizations such as Scouts and Boys and Girls Clubs, and mentoring. Explore our Real Stories to find out how other communities have effectively used support services.

Our online course will help you think through how you can partner with school or community groups and enhance your use of school and community support services. 


  • Albuquerque school building

    Enhancing school and community support helps to stem the flow of students from schools to juvenile detention.

    Albuquerque Public Schools, New Mexico
  • Photo of happy high school students

    In a rural, high-poverty area, having mental health counselors in the school buildings makes a huge difference in . . . access to services.

    Safe Schools/Healthy Students project director
    St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES, New York