What Are the Benefits of Positive School Discipline?

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Schools across the United States face many challenges—including student disengagement, poverty and violence, shrinking resources, and growing truancy and dropout rates. Positive School Discipline provides a systemic approach that helps communities work together to overcome these challenges, creating environments in which students can thrive and succeed.

Employing a proven process increases your likelihood of success, and schools have realized a number of benefits by applying this comprehensive strategy. For example, imagine walking into your school a year from now and finding: 

  • Students are more engaged and on task
  • Classrooms are managed well—students respect the teacher and get along with each other
  • Academic achievement has improved 
  • There are fewer disciplinary referrals
  • Students view the rules as fair and are willing to comply
  • Suspensions and expulsions have been significantly reduced
  • Attendance has improved
  • Fewer students are involved in the juvenile justice system
  • Graduation rates have increased
  • Parents indicate that they feel welcomed and are engaged with the school
  • There is more revenue (in states where school funding is tied to average daily attendance rates)

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  • When a kid graduates, it’s not only that kid and his family that wins. Our community wins.

    Don Quick, 17th Judicial District Attorney
  • Before implementing restorative practices, we had a lot of issues of violence, fires, kids misbehaving in class, disrespect. What restorative practices does is change the emotional atmosphere of the school. You can stop guns, but you can’t stop them from bringing fists or a poor attitude. A metal detector won’t detect that.

    Russell Gallagher, assistant principal
    West Philadelphia High School, Pennsylvania
  • We constantly reinforced that taking the time to focus on discipline and support positive behaviors does pay off in the end academically.

    Jenée Littrell, Safe Schools/Healthy Students project director
    Grossmont Union High School District , California
  • Front of Garfield High school

    People now realize that this school is a sacred place where students are safe and can succeed academically and have a great future.

    José Huerta, Garfield High School Principal
    Garfield High School, California